Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Japan United States Friendship Commission Award

I'm very pleased--and quite humbled--to announce that I am one of five artists selected for the 2013 Japan United States Friendship Comission Award. You can read more here. This grant, funded by the JUSFC and the NEA, will enable me to live in Japan for a period of three months next year. During that time, you can bet I'll be doing as much research and Japan absorption as I possibly can. At my age, I had thought that this kind of adventure would not come to pass. And I'm so thrilled that the Commission has placed its faith in me. You can be I'll be busy, and that I'll work hard. I'll be updating my blog with more details as I learn more. Congrats to the other four finalists!

Congratulations! That's terrific news and I look forward to reading about all that you do and learn.

This almost makes me think I should apply for a Friendship Commission so that I might research why the Japanese are so xenophobic they've invested so much in robots to replace a dwindling population.

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