Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hours and hours of sunlight. We can go running at 8:30 and it's still light at 9:30. Everyone tells me that in June, the sun sets at 11 PM. I've never gone to Scotland in the summer before because it's the most beautiful time of the year, which means it is also the most expensive. This year, however (I think due to the runway closure at JFK), every time of the year is expensive and so we decided to bite the proverbial bullet and travel in the summer.

And since it's so gorgeous here in the summer, I'm afraid I'm now hooked and will want to be back next August.

View of the castle from the hotel window. Below, Ewan poses with the view.

We walked down the Royal Mile. Yes, I know it's tacky but it's also a nice way to view the festival. And I was on the hunt for a baby kilt (which I also know was tacky of me.)

Marie found the mini-kilt (and hat and jacket) of her dreams. The jacket--a sample--was a one of a kind (and not photographed).

And Ewan met his first cousin--Ellie!

Gordon managed to get us a table at the Witchery, which he's long wanted to go to with me--and Ewan got to go too.

We walked down a little cobblestone path . . .

The ceiling is decorated with images from the Tarot.

The Witchery was in fact once a witchery--more witches were apparently burned here than anywhere else. And now it is a restaurant with a lovely room and lovely views.

Ewan sat on everyone's lap.

Fish Pie and Haggis.

Scenes from Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival.

Usher Hall, where we heard a lovely concert of music by Wagner and a symphony by Nilsson.

Bagpipe playing members of some regiment, coming down from the castle, during the Tattoo.

I've shopped at that store! I love the bright colors and the mod styling. =)

And The Witchery...we loved it so much we went twice.
I love Ness. You would suit the colors. I wish you had been there with us. Missed you. ;-(

A for the Witchery--it was pretty magical. But, I once again managed to eat so much rich food that by day 4 I was sick. No throwing up this time. But still sick. Alas--a European I will never be.
I got a little too European in Belgium over the weekend. Breakfasts entirely of bread and chocolate don't set my day up right, dessert after every meal and too much wine...we felt off and my face got strangely puffy.

Yeah, Michael and I are on a strict Californian diet after all that rich food.
There is more blue sky than I saw in a year of living in E. You have a charmed life, the three of you. Good.

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