Friday, June 18, 2010


Mixed Roots Festival, Los Angeles

A couple of photos from the Mixed Roots Festival, where I was lucky enough to read last weekend in Los Angeles. I've posted about the festival before--having now attended I can tell you I was incredibly, immensely impressed. What fun for someone like me to see so many "mixed roots," and the interest in mixed-up-ness. How nice not to have to explain my heritage. The National Museum for Japanese Americans is not to be missed, and manages to span a great deal of (sometimes difficult) history. What a treat to see Maya Soetoro-Ng read in person. I'd tell you what she read and what it all looked like but we were asked not to do so, as the book is to be published next year. Needless to say--for reasons that will be obvious next year--I found her story lovely and moving. And how wonderful to have met Tara Betts and Neil Aitken--I don't know how I missed Carleen Brice.

Thanks to all who came and spoke and bought my book! And thanks to Heidi and Fanshen for organizing a much needed and singular event.

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