Friday, June 18, 2010


Los Angeles

I grew up in California, and yet I spent very little time in Los Angeles. Usually we drove down for a special exhibit at LACMA, or a performance at the Chandler Pavillion that would not be repeated in SF and yet that, as art devotees, we felt we needed to see. We went to Disneyland, and Universal Studios--but not much beyond that.

Then last year, I read in Los Angeles for the Vermin on the Mount reading series. Though I was eight months pregnant, we gamely went around LA, looking at some touristy places--and some not. And Gordon and I absolutely fell in love with Los Angeles and decided we would go back, whenever the opportunity arose. Needless to say, I had a fantastic time again. But for the traffic, I'd consider LA to be quite possibly a perfect city. In the photo above, Ewan poses next to a gigantic oreo cookie which Gordon and I tried and failed to eat for breakfast.

Gordon's plane was about 5 hours late getting into LA, so to entertain ourselves, Ewan and I went to Neiman Marcus (as one does) where he was promptly admired and urged to get an agent.

That first night, we had dinner with David Moses--an old friend--who works in Studio City. We ate at Kiwami--quite possibly the best meal of the trip--and learned about Los Angeles and its workings. Having discovered that David and I share a love of food, I suspect it won't be long before we all attack some kind of high eating experience again.

The following day, we met writer Cecil Castellucci for breakfast at Lamill. Did I know that coffee could be so divine? Or that Cecil and I would spend 4 hours talking at a constant clip? I met Cecil for the first time last year at Vermin on the Mount and since then, we've corresponded a bit. I also met up with her this past January, about a month after having Ewan. I remember feeling that 8 o'clock was very, very late. Anyway, we talked up a storm and had a wonderful time and I know we'll see each other again.

Later, it was off to Venice Beach where I found a store that was pretty much me in a nutshell. It's called Principessa and, well, I think I'll be going back there seeing as how everything fit and I just loved everything in the store.

Gordon informed me that we would need to watch at least part of the World Cup Game in which England was to play the US. As a Scotsman, he was of course rooting for the US and needed to teach Ewan to do the same. I don't think Ewan will have any problem emulating his father.

Later that weekend, we met up with some musician friends who happened to be in town. So it was that we all stayed out until late, talking and eating some more. Ewan fell asleep, content that we were all close by.

Now we are home in New York, and the adjustment from jet lag has begun in earnest.

Love the game-watching picture :D
I know, Heather. They look so alike in that photo!
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