Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day (with a father)

Friends know that my dad passed away just before Father's Day two years ago--and that we were incredibly close. I still feel that I am adjusting to this new world in which he is not present. And at the same time, I still feel as though my relationship to him continues because I reevaluate what he has said, or recognize what he might have said to me when I face certain obstacles.

I really haven't enjoyed that past two Father's Days. There was nothing to celebrate.

But this year, Gordon is a Dad and I wanted it to be a special day. So I planned ahead and purchased tickets to a baseball game. Even though we are (apparently) decidedly not Yankees fans, our team of choice was playing at Yankee Stadium today. So it was that I went to Stubhub a couple of months ago, looking for the best deal.

I woke Gordon up pretty early this morning and after some minor protesting, he agreed to open his Father's Day card. And then got out of bed to get going to the game.

It was not a great game. It was very hot. But it was a lovely outing and a nice way to spend the time. Afterward we would things down with a trip to Sripraphai.....and Ewan had his second meal of solids.

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