Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Congratulations, Tyler Hutcherson

Congrats are due to young Tyler Hutcherson (my cousin!) for winning first place in Black and White photography at the San Mateo County Fair for this photo:

Photography as an art is a mystery to me. The outside world seems static and immutable, unlike a story or a painting, which can be manipulated. So how do some people just manage to take great photos that speak? Why aren't all photos the same?

This picture was taken two years ago at harvest. My father had just died. I was in shock and desperately sad and my brain racing to try to process the very many things it had to understand (something that is still trying to go on) and attempting to also still make me feel like I belonged on earth. I think grief is the most destabilizing emotion I know. I was thinking about the generations of family members who had run this farm and how they could not have predicted that we would be so disconnected now . . . and yet still farming. And somehow Tyler got all this in his photo. Of course, I doubt anyone would know all this information unless they knew me. But still the emotions are there. In fact, I distinctly remember not putting this photo on my blog because it seemed too personal--too revealing of something I was feeling too deeply.

Congrats to you Tyler! I'm so proud. But not at all surprised. I told you all summer you had an eye for photography! Long may you keep taking pictures.

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