Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Backwards Life at The Superstition Review

Way back when, I worked on short stories and thought it might be fun to try to write one that went backwards. I was thinking about the whole idea of Buddhist reincarnation, and how, after death, the soul is supposed to do a sort of "backwards life," until it is reborn in the physical world as a baby. So, I wrote a story called "Backwards Life." I also forgot that I had it. But this spring, The Superstition Review, the online journal for the Arizona State University Literature, Writing, and Film program, asked me for a piece, and I finally remembered that I had this story. I pulled it out, and polished it up, and am so pleased to see it out in the world.

The story opens thus:

"Somewhere in the house they would find a treasure. Beyond the hoarded boxes of roach killer and incense lining the periphery of the living room, there would be jewelry, the gold and scarlet kimonos Reiko remembered from childhood, a secret love letter. The house, like the body, would have one heart."

Read the whole thing
if you like!

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