Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Scotland Vs. England

(Warning: Another personal posts. Some thoughts on writing soon).

Ewan's Scottish grandparents arrived last week. And so, over the weekend, we all participated in a necessary event: the first Scottish rugby game. I ate my Irish breakfast while three generations of Drummond men rooted for "the home team." Ewan had on his Scottish rugby gear to help cheer on the team he has adopted for his own--for genetic reasons.

These rugby games are a funny look into ex-pat life in New York City. The games are shown in sports bars run by the Irish. We have to pay about $20 just to get in the door.

Europeans from different countries show up with their mates and their jerseys. There are always very few Scots. We sit quietly, not really cheering too loudly, though at this particular game, there seemed to be quite a few people rooting for Scotland (though, to be honest, I think they were mostly Irish, and they were rooting against England, and not necessarily for Scotland).

On a really busy weekend, you might have South Africans with booming voices sitting at one table, and some French hanging on the bar counter, and Australians in another corner.

I have to confess to always feeling a bit nervous about any Scottish rugby game. That is--I've never seen Scotland win. It's to the point that I think the problem is partly to do with me. I really didn't want Ewan's first game to be yet another loss. A friend in town from Scotland once asked me not to go watch the game, but to stay home. I went anyway, and Scotland lost.

But this time, amazingly, Scotland tied with England! We did not lose!

Among the gifts to come to New York for Ewan--this Dundee football shirt, and two tickets to a game. I don't know what to make of this photo of Ewan. My sweet baby looks, well . . . like a football fan. This worries me.

Oh, he looks adorable, football fan or not. =)
Hey Marie,
I used to follow you ages ago. Just checked in to find you're a mum now. Congratulations! My brother is named Ewan. In the 80s in Canada, as you can imagine, he was the only Ewan around and it was kind of tough for him to deal with. When Ewan McGregor became famous in the mid 90s, it became much easier for people to pronounce or spell his name. Anyway, good choice! It is a wonderful name.
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