Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Thanksgiving 2009

First Thanksgiving at home, without my father. It is true that you feel your losses more deeply during the holidays. But this year, we were all aware that next year there would (knock on wood) be a little boy to whom we would be trying to teach American traditions. It's strange to think that out of the three of us--my mother, my husband and me--I'm the only American.

As for the photo above--that's the California coastline. I was hoping that the plane would fly far enough over the water that I could watch the coast the entire way, and perhaps see my hometown, but the pilot went inland a bit once we were north of Santa Barbara. Also, lately, the pilots flying into Monterey seem to delight in making very sharp turns. I don't know if this is due to air traffic control asking for hairpin turns, but I kind of find that hard to believe. I like to think that the pilots are having fun. It makes actually landing on the runway sort of . . . acrobatic.

It was straight to sushi on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. And for those keeping score, yes, this does mean I ate sushi while pregnant. Did you know that the latest fad for pregnant women is fish oil tablets, along with a multi-vitamin? Like, fish is good for you while you're pregnant. But you shouldn't eat it raw, even though women do in Japan . . . is it really better to take some extract? (???)

Here is yours truly, Mrs. Kurasaki and my mother. The Kurasakis are pretty much extended family.

I ended up sick on Thanksgiving day (no, not the kind of sick that comes from bad sushi), and so was completely unhelpful with any cooking. This was a shame--I like to cook and the pie is my specialty. Fortunately, Gordon and my mother managed. They also figured out the turkey rotisserie, which my father used to handle every year. It was bittersweet to hear Gordon opening and closing the door to the laundry room where the turkey was rotating--familiar and unfamiliar all at once.

I worried that Angus might try to get at the turkey, but as it turned out, he was recovering from an injury too. For those who know Angus--he's a big cat, very gentle but also quite ferocious when necessary--we think we may have to turn him into an indoor cat. It was one thing when he was fighting bobcats and raccoons at night. He has now taken to fighting during the day, and this is worrisome, as he's getting older. My mother also reports that he came home in the middle of the day--a sunny day at that--sopping wet. We have no idea what happened. But there appear to be some enemies afoot.

As you can see--the turkey came out looking just splendid, and we all enjoyed a wonderful feast. Next year I hope to join Gordon in drinking some wine.

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