Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Nervous Breakdown Interview

For a number of years now, people have mistaken me for a vegetarian. I don't know why this is. Sometimes it's a bitchy and snide woman who will look at me and say, "So, you're a vegetarian, right?" (Oddly, a man has never done this to me). In my favorite experience, two women made me go to a burger joint, convinced I would have nothing to eat (girls are not always nice). And then there are the Buddhists from the subcontinent, who hope that I am following the laws of strict Buddhist vegetarianism and that we are kin, and to whom I have to explain that, no, I eat almost anything.

I've never been a vegetarian. It's not even something that I'm interested in pursuing. In fact, I'm probably--as my friend Alexi would say--a more adventurous eater than most people, and one of the reasons I knew I'd met a guy I could marry was because he had no eating hang ups. When we went to Japan, there was none of this fear about breakfast or dinner, or begging to go to McDonald's for security, or needing to give the inn proprietor a list of things that were not to be served (which, FYI, they'll probably ignore). I am interested in our food supply, and in eating a whole and balanced diet. So, yes, I do care about food. But not in the way that some people seem to think.

When The Nervous Breakdown asked me to do a self interview, I was a little stumped. My husband said, "Why not talk about your whole mistaken vegetarian problem?" And really, it's not a bad way to investigate certain stereotypes. So, here you go--an interview on how I am not a vegetarian, which somehow also turned into my thoughts on why ghosts are scarier than devils.

Great self-interview. I was just talking with someone about how hard/awkward it could be to do one of these, but you pulled it off beautifully.
I always get that as well. "Oh, do you eat meat? I thought you were a vegetarian..."

WHOA - congratulations! We have baby!

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