Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ewan Mockett Drummond

An early Christmas present--Ewan Mockett Drummond was born on December 18th, here in New York City. We weren't actually expecting him until January and up until he was born, were wondering if he'd turn out to be a Capricorn like his mother, or an Aquarius like his father. Turns out he had his own ideas. (Though I still don't put much stock in astrology).

After a stay in the hospital, both Ewan and I are home, and getting along just fine. This does of course mean that posting will be light for a while, as we all adjust to our new business hours (or lack thereof).

A few words about the name. My father's first name was John, and my father-in-law is Ian. The names Ian, Sean and Ewan are all Scottish versions of John. My dad was not into the whole dynastic Junior-Senior designation thing, but we thought it might be nice to pay tribute to him-and to Gordon's father. So there you have it--Ewan is a "new John" and a "new Ian" for our family, but with his own unique name.

We've much to be grateful for here in our little apartment in New York this year--so many old and new friends have shown tremendous support for my novel, and I thank you. And now we will be ushering in the new year with a new little person. Hoping your new year brings you joy in equal measure.

ahhhhhhh what a cutie!!!
Congratulations, Marie. Our first, Olivia, now seven, is a December 18 baby, too. If Ewan brings you half the joy she has brought us, you will be blessed forever. I am very happy for you. Enjoy.
Oh, Marie, he's so beautiful!!
Thank you, everyone! We are enjoying Ewan a great deal and it's hard to believe he's been here for three weeks already. I'm sort of trying to decide whether or not to post more photos--maybe occasionally. But I am glad to share this happy news.
Aw, adorable -- and you can already see that he looks like you! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Marie! Ewan is adorable - that wink cracked me up. I love how you honored both families in one name.
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