Saturday, November 07, 2009


River Run Books

I was excited to read at River Run Books in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a couple of reasons. First, I was going to get to read alongside Salvatore Scibona, author of The End. Long time readers have read my gushing thoughts about him before--he's a wonderful writer and friend and intelligent thinker, and I knew we'd have a good time; when I was conscious at Bread Loaf, we had some lovely conversations.

And then there was the fact that I was going to get to spend a little time with Michele Filgate, whom I met this year on Twitter. We met in person very briefly earlier this year, but I was really battling pregnancy fatigue at that point, and not terribly conscious. We had a nice evening--capped by some pizza and good conversation. I'm grateful for the support Michele has given me personally, and also for her enthusiasm for the novel.

I've started to bring this big piece of bamboo to my readings so people can understand just how large bamboo really is in Asia. I also explain that the opening chapters of the novel were inspired by the fairy tale about the bamboo/moon princess who was born inside a fat stalk of bamboo. And I usually also point out how, at this point, I feel like a nice fat stalk of bamboo. I like the bamboo stalk--it drives home the point of just how mysterious and different a bamboo forest can be.

And then I read for a little bit, to a sizable audience. Salvatore read too. I think it's nice to do a reading with someone you know-it really does make for good chemistry.

Salvatore and I answered some questions for the audience. I hadn't realized what a veritable paradise Portsmouth is. The town isn't that large, but it is just beautiful, and has a great deal of activity-particularly on a Friday night. And everyone was very smart and well-read and well informed. It made for a fun night for us.

I enjoyed meeting some new friends--and hope that they enjoy their read!

And in the morning, we hit the road to go to the Boston airport, to fly to Los Angeles. It was a pleasure to see a little New England Fall. The leaves were beautiful, and in the wind, they really do fall down with such intensity. At one point, we were confused if we were watching birds or leaves. And then there is that compressed, amber light that you can only get up north. Gorgeous.

Marie, thank you again for coming to RiverRun Bookstore to read from your terrific novel. It was such a pleasure to host you & Salvatore!
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