Thursday, November 05, 2009


Odyssey Books, South Hadley, MA

My apologies to everyone who went to the Boston reading looking for me--it is true that I was not there! But from what I hear, it was a great evening with a number of fantastic readers and writers. I, unfortunately, was home in bed, exhausted. I guess that trying to promote a book when one is seven and a half months pregnant has its challenges. And the week before wore me out more than I expected.

I did get it together in time to head up to Massachusetts to South Hadley, where Eli Meeropol, whom I had met at Bread Loaf over the summer, had invited me to read at Odyssey Books. I was so pleased that she had asked, and had heard so many wonderful things about this legendary book store, and I'm glad I was well enough to go. Though, to be honest, much of that is due to my mother, who arrived from California to drive me around since I fall asleep constantly.

The bookstore itself is lovely-everything carefully selected. And I learned about a program that Odyssey Books runs called the "First Edition" club, in which members can preorder a signed copy of a book that the staff has selected.

I'm not a First Edition selection, but Picking Bones from Ash was selected as a breakthrough pick for November. And so I arrived to find 30 pre-ordered copies for me to sign. This was such a surprise-and I was incredibly flattered. And this kind of thing only happens because someone took the time to read my book and because my book resonated with them! That's incredibly moving to me. Writers-especially debut novelists-don't know if anyone will ever read our work. And it's been a tremendous pleasure to connect with readers as I've been bouncing around the country.

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