Thursday, November 26, 2009


The East Bay Express

I love this article on Picking Bones from Ash, which is featured in the Books section of the East Bay Express. The author was so smart and perceptive, and gave me the chance to talk about aspects of the book that haven't yet been brought up. A sample:

"Many serious 'literary' readers and editors ... shy away from anything to do with 'the occult,'" muses Mockett, who will give a talk on Japanese fairy tales and unattainable women at the Hillside Club (2286 Cedar St., Berkeley) on Monday, November 30. Given the popularity of anime, this puzzles her. And although "I'm basically a realist and a rationalist ... yes, I have had a couple of very profound experiences. I've learned that a true encounter with the unknown almost always stems from something deeply personal — something deep within the psyche," says the author, who grew up in Carmel and majored in East Asian studies at Columbia.

For more, head over here (and come hear me lecture on Japanese fairy tales and read from my novel at Berkley's Hillside Club on Monday, the 30th).

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