Monday, November 23, 2009


Bread Loafers (Not a Shoe) in New York

It's been a busy weekend--more on that soon--but I did have time to visit with some friends I made at Bread Loaf. Here is poet Tomas Morin, whose gorgeous poem "A Model for Priesthood" recently won a prize at Narrative Magazine. Here, too, is writer Hasanthika Sirisena, another Bread Loaf Scholar, who is a winner of the prestigious Rona Jaffe award. If we look particularly happy to you in this photo, it's because we've just eaten at Moustache, scene of many a happy meal for artists in particular!

(Updated to add the above photo, courtesy of Tomas. That's Hasie on the right, and Gordon in the middle, after a very tasty meal at Moustache).

thanks for posting the pics on facebook!

i added your blog to my blogroll.
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