Sunday, November 15, 2009


Bread Loaf Readings

The Bread Loaf website (conference?) has just announced the release of conference readings from this past summer. If you already have iTunes, then you can listen here. My reading isn't up yet, but I'll post when it is, and figure out the timing for you. I heartily recommend the lectures; all the ones I attended were wonderful (and then there was David Shields, who got everyone's dander up. This is good for people to experience, from time to time).

I didn't know it at then--but this reading prepared me so much for all the readings I've done since. The lights were bright. I couldn't see the audience. We were being recorded. There was a podium and a microphone. I was pregnant and sick. I could only read for five minutes and I wanted to make an impact. And I thought, "Well, if I can do this, no other reading will be a problem." And truly, it hasn't been.

Thank you once again, Bread Loaf.

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