Sunday, October 25, 2009


Harrison Library, Flower Arrangements, Picking Bones from Ash

I put up a few photos of my reading to benefit the Harrison Memorial Library, but didn't have access to these pictures of the lovely flower arrangements which my friend, Kazuko Kurasaki, put together for me. As you can see, she used not only bamboo, but gorgeous Autumn themed flowers, to put readers in the mood for the story.

My friend Kurt read my novel in part because he wanted to find out what kinds of flowers and colors would complement the book; here is a lovely maple and a lily.

I absolutely loved this vase. It is made from bamboo, and in the opening chapter of the novel, Satomi, the heroine, makes reference to how the thickest bamboo can be used as a vase. Then there is the story of the bamboo princess, born inside a stalk of bamboo--when bamboo is this thick, such a thing seems more possible!

Yours truly, sitting behind another beautiful arrangement.

Peter Mollman, the president of the Harrison Memorial Library foundation, introduces me, while my slide show waits in the background, ready to go into action. The audience that night was kind enough to look at some pictures that make up the background to the novel; it was fun to take them to Japan with me.

Here are the folks from River House Books, who graciously sold copies of my novel.

And once again, here I am, reading.

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