Monday, October 05, 2009


The F-Word

The F-Word, the UK feminist blog, has a nice review up of my novel. A quote:

"Mutsuki Mockett is a remarkably engaging writer who manages to pull her audience into the protagonists’ worlds from her first sentence. Her evocative descriptions of Japan conjure up images of a geography and culture rarely experienced by Westerners (her descriptions of the Shinto religion are particularly excellent) that linger in the mind long after the reader has turned the final page. And, in Satomi, we are presented with a strong, forthright woman whose (often selfish) actions throughout the novel only serve to make her appear a more rounded and realistic character."

On a personal note, it was fun for me to see how the reviewer engaged with the female characters--how, in fact, she really thought about the characters because, of course, I certainly did when I wrote them. I must also point out that the reviewer's bio says something about living with a Communist Scotsman and, well, obviously I identify with that in part.

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