Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Additional Reading Dates

More reading and presentation dates on the coasts:

November 8th, I'll be in Los Angeles for the Vermin on the Mount Reading Series. I'm really looking forward to this--I hadn't expected to get to LA, and I'm so glad that I will particularly after the nice LA Times review.

November 11th, I'll be at Centenary College in New Jersey, giving a lecture on Japanese fairy tales, and then reading from Picking Bones from Ash.

November 30th--I'm really excited about this--I'll be at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, delivering another lecture on Japanese fairy tales--and the creative possibilities this kind of storytelling opens up for writers. I'll also give a brief reading.

I'll be adding these dates and more, as they become available, to the Picking Bones from Ash website in the near future.

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