Sunday, September 06, 2009


Calming Corners Interview with Yvelette Stines

The very gracious Yvelette Stines of Calming Corners recently wrote to ask me for an interview. I enjoyed communicating with Stines because she really made me think about my writing process and how Picking Bones from Ash came about.

A sample:

At what point did you consider yourself a writer and felt comfortable about it?

I remember listening to Richard Russo on the radio one time—he was asked how he felt when he won the Pulitzer Prize, and he said he was happy, but that he was also pretty happy the first time he had an acceptance for his first publication. And it’s true. There’s nothing quite like that. But I think I didn’t feel comfortable calling myself a writer until the novel was accepted for publication. I always had a very strict definition for myself as to what it meant to be a writer; it meant I had to publish. Until then, nothing really counted.

Please take a look if you are interested, then stay to explore both Stines' own site, and the Calming Corners website.

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