Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Brooklyn Book Festival and the Columbia Spectator

Out of the past four days, I've been in Brooklyn three times; I wonder if the universe is sending me a subtle nudge?

After my reading at the Brooklyn Book Festival (more later), I spoke with Kassy Lee, a student at my alma mater, Columbia University. She wrote up a lovely article about my reading and my book for the university newspaper, the Spectator. An excerpt:

"The excerpt Mockett read chronicles the life of a mother and daughter in the small Japanese mountain town of Kuma-Ume. As she read, Mockett’s melodic voice evoked a vision of Japan through the eyes of a young girl: part magical, with tales of mystical bamboo, and part universal, with tales of hiding from school bullies. Much like the work of Salman Rushdie, Mockett’s story blends traditional folk tales with a more contemporary and American realist approach to storytelling."

I am in Japan. I tried to access to 
I am in Japan and trying to access to your blog. Through many errors I think I am succeeding to access to your blog. Fun. I am happy everything is going well for you.
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