Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Feminist Review and Picking Bones from Ash

The Feminist Review gives my novel, Picking Bones from Ash, a gracious read. For this first time novelist, it's so gratifying that a complete stranger has connected with the material so intelligently. Thank you! An excerpt:

Marie Mutsuki Mockett’s debut novel, Picking Bones from Ash, drew me in from the first sentence. Satomi, one of the two main characters of the book, learns from her mother at a young age that in order to be safe in this world, a woman must be talented—not well educated and certainly not beautiful, a woman must be talented. Satomi spends the rest of her life following this example, first as a pianist both in Japan and Europe and then as a successful cartoonist.

Congratulation Marie! Looking forward to buying your novel on October 1st. Hope to meet you in person then.
Well, thank you! And thanks for stopping by.
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