Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kaytie Takes Flight

Congrats to my friend Kaytie, who flew off last night for a new life in London (in Business Class, no less!) with her husband. Because it is so easy for me to take the subway to the airport, and because she had about a 5 hour layover, I was able to hop over to see her off. It was quite emotional and exciting-changing countries isn't for the faint of heart! We had some food and a last farewell-to-New York cheesecake to mark the event. I'm now plotting ways to go and see her.

There are some changes afoot here in my little apartment as well. We learned this week that the pregnancy I haven't been talking about publicly, but which has kept me in bed, and in a kind of dreamlike state for the past few months, is looking healthy. So, I feel comfortable putting the news out there on my blog. I dream a lot these days about water. I wonder sometimes if this means I am making contact. Needless to say, we are excited about our own adventures at home. Change can be wonderful.

Congratulations again :)

And congrats and best wishes to your friend. My best friend moved to England two and a half years ago, and it's been a rough transition!
Congratulations, Marie!
Congratulations - baby and book in the same year!
Hooray! Welcome to the vortex, my dear!
Thank you, everyone! It's nice to be able to share some good news with you.
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