Thursday, June 18, 2009


Wordstock, Brooklyn Book Festival, Graywolf Anniversary

Publication of my novel, Picking Bones from Ash, is still a few months away, but I've already been invited to participate in a few events that have me very excited.

First up is the Brooklyn Book Festival, the big pow-wow for writers and books here in New York City. There are so many writers who participate in this event every year and I'm incredibly excited to be part of it too (even though I live in Queens. Shh). The date is set for September 13th, and I urge you to attend if you live in the area--not so much because of me, but to witness the incredible depth of talent that we have here in New York when it comes to good writing.

From October 8th to 11th, I'll be in Portland, Oregon for Wordstock, the largest gathering of writers and readers in the Pacific Northwest. I'm really excited about this too--I have roots in the Portland area, and lots of family in Seattle, and I know what a book-friendly community this part of our country is. I plan to take an extra bag so I can load up on goodies from Powells.

On October 29th, I'll be reading at the Mercantile Library to help Graywolf celebrate their 35th anniversary. A number of Graywolf's very fine writers and poets will be participating as well, and I look forward to meeting them and being in their company.

And, of course, I'll be at Breadloaf in August.

There will be more dates, which I will post as we managed to build out the website for the book. But until then, I did want to share this exciting news with family and friends.

It's wonderful to know that you will be so busy! I am looking forward to your book being published. I hardly ever order hard covers these days but I am having my book store owner friend order some copies!

Hope you have lots of fun at these events and I hope they will inspire you to write your next book!

all the best!
Hey, Marie. I found you on a google search about Breadloaf. I'll be there in August as a scholar. Congrats on your novel.

I'm godlikepoet on livejournal.

-rebecca cook
Isaac Asimov..Marie?.
Isaac Asimov!!...I would say "Good luck Darlin" but it's not about that is it? - its about ability.

(all the best)

Thanks, Remora! What a surprise to see you here!


I look forward to meeting you. It looks like the scholar page is up on Bread Loaf's site, so now I know a bit more about you!

And I am Tulsa--I hope we get to meet in person some day, preferably in Japan. You've been so very kind and supportive.
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