Friday, April 03, 2009


Wildflower Watching

You are perhaps by now tired of reading about my unspecified battles with lawyers and other adults and the paperwork I've been dealing with ever since my father passed away. I'm tired of it too. Needless to say, I've been back in California for yet another round with my frenemy: the estate.

Still, I managed to take some time to go out into the hills to look at wildflowers, which are now coloring the hillsides.

I love these shooting stars, so named because of their shape.

Driving up through Carmel Valley, there is exactly one spot where the Western Bluebird likes to hang out. I swiped this photo from a government site on birds, but it shows you what we saw.

Orange stains on the hillsides come from California poppies.

As a kid, I liked to think of lupine as the sister flower to the California poppy. It isn't, but my mind still works that way.

After making it through the valley, we cut back through the Salinas valley, which still grows a considerable amount of produce. However, it also has at least one cactus fruit orchard.

Many of the old spinach farms seem to be gone, making way for more and more vineyards. Seems like a matter of time before Steinbeck country becomes Sideways country.

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