Tuesday, March 24, 2009


New York Public Library Young Lion's Award, Cont'd

Fiona McCrae at Graywolf sent these photos to me yesterday, and I thought I'd put them up for friends and family to see. Here I am with Salvatore Scibona, not long after he won the New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award (hell of a title) and Jessica Kane, whose novel was just acquired by Graywolf. We are publishing siblings. This is fun. It is fun to meet other people who have been through "the process" and someone for whom everything is still quite fresh.

And here I am again with Jessica and Tiphanie Yanique, whose collection of short stories will be published by Graywolf. Yay! Another publishing sibling. I found this essay by Yanique online; she writes about women and writing and our secret superpowers (a feeling which I understand completely). A snippet of her essay:

It’s like this: If you get the job or you get the book contract or you win the prize, it’s a shock. It’s unfair, they say. Perhaps you won because you’re a woman, they say…and if you’re a woman of color then it’s definitely true, and if you’re a woman of color who is from a small island that should only produce beaches and daiquiris (not writers, not intelligent things) then even the other women believe it’s unfair, and even the man you love doesn’t think it’s much to celebrate.

It’s like this: an editor says “we already have (insert the black Caribbean writer you know). We can’t have another.”

And it’s like this: I’m secretly a talented novelist. This cheerleading uniform is only a disguise. I’ve got superhero powers. I can even make myself disappear.

Oh, yes. Writers have super-powers. Hee hee. The pen is mightier . . .

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