Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Secrets and Earbuds

My trip to dance class generally takes me down a long subway corridor connecting Times Square and Port Authority. Along with the Jesus freaks, buskers and Scientology "Stress Tests," I often pass massive ad campaigns set up to use this vast bit of real estate, which I mostly ignore.

But earlier this week, I saw something strange. Men and women were standing alongside subway posters, sticking their earphones into the ad campaigns and talking to each other about what they'd heard.

These aren't ordinary subway posters. They do in fact contain earphone jacks and if you plug your buds in, you will hear the "secrets" of each person pictured in the photo. It's all part of a promotion for HBO's new season, and for the television show "Big Love" in particular.

Only, Big Love is a series about Mormons in Utah. The posters show urban folk out in New York hurrying along their way. Um, what's the connection? It seems tenuous to me. Cool technology, and I don't doubt I'll see it again (though it seems like and awfully expensive thing to pioneer in these stressful times).

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