Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Foraging and Is This Marijuana?

Is this marijuana? I don't really know. I'd be curious to find out.

See, I took some time away from paper-work hell to go forage for wild ferns and other tasty shoots.

And as I was peering over the edge of a riverbank, I saw these clippings. I was confused. Why were plant clippings just tossed over the side of the road? Why weren't they in a trash can? What were they doing here? And then I thought: "Oh. This might be marijuana leaves." But why on earth were they just sitting there?

I asked a friend who would know. He said that if anything, these leaves were "male" and had no "buds." Harvesting marijuana is apparently labor intensive. You don't just get to grow a plant and then smoke it. Only the female part is remotely useful. The men? They are thrown over the edge of a riverbank. I find this sort of fascinating. (You can click on the photo to get a larger version, and then perhaps you can tell me if these are marijuana leaves. You can do so anonymously. It's okay. I'm just insanely curious at this point).

Later, after I'd abandoned the strange pile of clippings, I ran into these two hippies who asked if I was "tripping on shrooms." And I explained that I was foraging for ferns. And then I think they felt a little bad, and one of them said, "I didn't meaning tripping like tripping." And I said, "Oh. That's okay. I'm leaving the shrooms for you." And they said, "We're too scared to forage for mushrooms." And I pointed to my Mom and said, "Well, she's the pro." (And my mother was ignoring all of us, and just was busily inspecting weeds.) And then they sort of warmed up again and whispered something to me about a house up the road at the corner, and I think they were telling me where to buy weed. And I smiled and said thank you. And then they got all curious about where I was from, and I got all vague. And then they wanted to flirt and I was unhappy and the whole thing ended.

And I could go back to my ferns and shoots and my foraging.

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