Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Facebook, You Censor Me?

So, while venting on Facebook today about how much I hate having to wade through tax documents and relive in detail how my father died and how I got to spend every day thereafter parting with money, I admit I used a couple of swear words. But I was venting.

And when I went back an hour or two, my status had been wiped clean. In frustration, I typed in a new status update that said something like: "Does Facebook censor status updates which include profanity?" And fifteen minutes later, this was gone too!

So far, my status update in which the word "profanity" appears in quotation marks, has lasted for a full thirty minutes. But, given the Facebook ruckus lately, I'm peeved that I'm not allowed to swear in my status update.

I just finished reading your book, Picking Bones from Ash.
It was very impressive in many factors: mother and daughter relationships, cultural differences in the West and the East, romantic love versus true friendship etc.
I myself am a writer for the Japanese newspaper in Canada and would love to keep writing my experiences as a clinical counsellor/art therapist in my blog.
Thank you for reading my comment.
Eiko Uehara

Thank you so much for reading!
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