Saturday, January 03, 2009


Mull Standing Stones

While I lie here, trying to recuperate from whichever culprit was responsible for my body's complete abdication of digestive responsibility, I'm going to post a few more photos of Scottish adventures, all of which occurred before the New Year.

A few years ago, Gordon and I traveled to the Isle of Mull, gateway to Iona, of the famous abbey. Mull is also well known for its standing stone circle. The last time we visited, we had some difficulty finding the starting-out point; by the time we did, it was dusk and starting to snow and we had an interesting time crossing the field to reach the prehistoric site. This time, we arrived early enough to have some sunshine, and also had the foresight to pick up cheap Wellies.

To find the rocks, one is supposed to line up white rocks across a couple of fields, and follow the stones all the way to the stone circle. We missed this sign the first time we visited, and found the white rocks completely by accident.

In the distance, you can make out my mother and a white rock.

It's a very muddy field, with plenty of icy puddles. I liked this one, which looked to me like the profile of an old woman. I didn't step in this puddle.

It's lots of fun to look at the angles the shadows make and to wonder what it all might mean.

Gordon wasn't too thrilled about this photo--he's superstitious about standing stones. But he agreed to pose anyway, as long as I stopped photographing anything else. Maybe the stones are responsible for my terrible New Year's Eve--and the fact that Gordon was spared, while my mother was not (she did some kind of interpretive dance inside the perimeter).

That afternoon sounds like a short story waiting to be written. :)
Yeah, I know. And it shows that life really is the way I think it is.
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