Monday, January 26, 2009


Birds and Flowers

The vegetation and birdlife on Hawaii are unlike anything I've seen anywhere else--which makes walking around a lot of fun. I was startled by this gorgeous little bird on my hike yesterday and spent a lot of time trying to take his photo and wondering who he was.

Eventually, a sign displaying nature information gave me the answer.

I also love the ubiquitous and adorable zebra dove.

I'm pretty sure this is a papaya tree. Before coming to Hawaii, I anticipated eating pineapple every day. And, yes, I am eating pineapple every day. But I've also discovered just how good fresh papaya is--and I mean truly fresh and ripe and sweet and soft. We do not get such good papaya on the mainland.

Below, various flowers I've snapped while walking along. I know I'll see more as the week goes by.

The top flowers are dendrobium and the bottom one is to make jasmine tea, I believe. The middle one is the famous bird-of-paradise. I am sure you will see more orchids and ginger flowers.
Bird of paradise (flower5) or Strelitzia is an African flower, and it is a very emblematic and dear flower over here (Canary Islands). It's warm here too.

Have you tried mangoes?
I like them even more than papaya, I guess you can find them in Hawaii too.
I am looking forward to more birds and flowers, particularly as we begin to explore the island. I am pleased that the vegetation is so different in the city, but a city is a city and, well, I'll be happy to be out of this one.

Mary, I haven't had any mango yet! I don't know--perhaps it is not in season here. I'm not entirely sure. You live in a beautiful place!
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