Saturday, December 27, 2008


Loch Ness, Freezing Fog

Morning is lazy in Loch Ness during winter. The sun takes forever to rise. The water is very calm, though with the odd set of ripples and I can understand how, in this strange atmosphere, someone might see a monster. But this is true of so many lochs, I wonder why it is only Loch Ness that is famous for a monster.

The Nessie exhibit finished by asking a wonderful question: is Nessie a mirror or a veil? It's a great question and one that horror writers are constantly exploring.

The weather forecast predicted freezing fog for our drive west. What a beautiful and eerie sight. The sun is mostly hidden, but peeks out every now and then, and the landscape is crystallized, white and still. Everything looks light. I can understand why someone would be afraid of weather like this. It feels as though something large and invisible is breathing all around you.

The sun, with which you already have a kind of tortured relationship this far north, becomes distorted. Sunlight--any sunlight--becomes precious, and imbued with more power than in the lighter months.

Everything is frozen when freezing fog passes through. I loved this perfectly preserved spider web.

The trees made us think of the opening sequence in the Narnia books, when the children go to the land of the snow queen, and find everything encrusted with ice. Does the land have a heart?

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