Saturday, December 27, 2008


Glenfinnan to Tobermory

The fog suddenly cleared when we reached Glenfinnan, located on the road to the isles in Scotland, and famous as the landing spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie arrived from France to try to take back the British Crown. Gordon maintains that Bonnie Prince Charlie's story is still the greatest historical episode yet to be made into a major motion picture.

Glenfinnan is also famous these days because it is right by this lovely rail bridge, always featured in Harry Potter films. Frankly, what with the freezing fog and elusive sunshine, I can understand why someone would want to write a fantasy series set in the cold north.

Later in the day, we took our first ferry and crossed over to Tobermory. Supposedly the ferry boat could fit 6 cars, but I don't see how. As it was, we had to back the car onto a little metal gangway to get into the ship, but this was easier than a ferry we took a few years ago, in which I had to line the wheels of the car onto two metal planks. That was scary. The sun set as we sailed for Mull; in this photo, it is probably around 4:30. Sunsets take a long time, as do the sunrises.

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