Saturday, December 20, 2008


Congratulations to Lisa!

I was hurrying to the New York State theater and trying to avoid icy puddles when my phone rang and I saw that my dear friend Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet in San Francisco was on the line. Instantly, I knew why she was calling, and when we spoke a moment later, she confirmed my intuition. This gorgeous, talented, brilliant poet has won the Samuel French Morse Prize for poetry, and her beautiful collection will be published in October of 2009. I am ecstatic for her.

"You know what this means," I said.


"We can do readings together."

We're hoping for at least two: one in New York and one in California.

And to think--somehow I was lucky enough to have her in my wedding party--and to convince her to read one of her poems just for us! I've been a huge fan of Lisa and her poetry and her brain power for a long, long time. I remember vividly sitting on the floor of the Green Apple with her, picking through shelf after shelf of poetry books as she built me a pile to "study," while we bonded over our mutual love for Kay Ryan (there's a new book out, by the way and I would just like to brag that I own a copy of Dragon Acts to Dragon Ends), lost track of time, and suffered some kind of metabolic crash when we forgot to eat. Now we check our watches when we go out to play.

Later in the evening, I thought back to how I had met Lisa so many years ago--through the internet. And this evening I was at the ballet with Moonrat, author of the excellent, eponymous and anonymous blog. I told Moonrat that despite my frustration with blogging, and the false intimacy it creates, the internet has really been one of the major ways in which I've connected with writers over the years. If I hadn't been on Poets and Writers, and if I hadn't ever started a blog, there would be a great many talented people I wouldn't know. And this, I suppose, is the wonderful thing about the internet: it can bring people of like mind together.

So. A huge congratulations to Lisa. I'm so pleased for her, and happy too for the unconventional start of our friendship.

This is why I love bloggers - I (non-NYC, creative writer only in my odd bits of time around my non-writing career, person) just discovered Lisa's work and now look forward to reading it! Some of the most interesting people, works, books and things I've learned of in the last few years have been courtesy of bloggers. So even though I don't actually know any of you - I thank you.
Marla--What an incredibly kind and thoughtful post. I, too, have learned a lot from bloggers, and so it isn't fair for me to have lashed out against the practice. I'm so glad you like Lisa's poetry. She's very unique and I know that we'll all hear more about her. ;-)

Hope Angus is keeping you warm as winter sets in!
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