Saturday, December 06, 2008


Blue Equals West, Red Equals East

I found an interesting display of graphic images over at Mountain Runner. These were designed by a Chinese person now residing in Germany and attempt to show, in abbreviated visual language, how the east and west differ. Some are really compelling and some--eh--not so much.

Take, for example this display of anger. In the west (the blue is always the west), it is obvious what someone is feeling; the Asian person may seethe internally, but be disinclined to show you. I am guilty of both. Sometimes it is patently obvious how angry I am, but very often, I keep it to myself.

This one, a representation of travel, made me laugh. Everyone by now knows the stereotype that Japanese like to photograph everything. When I travel with my mother, there generally comes a point where I declare that I am tired of taking photos and want to just enjoy the experience of being where I am. Of course, later, I'm happy to have the photos!

Dealing with problems. In a very, very general way, I think that this is true. There can be a bluntness about life in the west that seems very practical but a little vulgar. And then, there is the "avoidance" tactic of the east that becomes infuriating.

What's trendy. Ain't that the truth!

More graphics, sans commentary, available over here.

Harvey is discussing these as well, and I might just do it too...pretty interesting stuff!
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