Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Voting: NYC

Voting in the part of New York where I live is always moving because the crowd is so diverse. I saw plenty of elderly folks, young hipsters and immigrants. I saw one woman standing in line holding her passport, though she probably didn't need the ID. A group of three Latino immigrants giggled all the way through the process and I wondered if they were here for the first time. It's serious, important business for them and a good reminder that it is not a right to be taken lightly. In my voting district, there is an absence of cynicism, which I find refreshing.

There was a group of well dressed and very serious looking young Asian kids outside with a clipboard. They didn't approach me, but I overheard them explaining to other (pure) Asians that they were there to make sure that Asian immigrant voters weren't disenfranchised.

I find the process of voting itself to always be a little nerve-wracking. What if I make a mistake? But honestly, the instructions and the machinery are simply. I love these old mechanical levers--I've yet to ever use an electronic polling booth.

And now I will go through the rest of this busy day and wait. And later, will be with friends, eyes glued to the television screen as I hit "refresh" on my iPhone every few seconds.

Great pictures! Where I live, you're not allowed to use cameras or any kind of recording device in the voting area, though I'm sure that's more for other people's privacy than to keep you from recording your own vote.

Here it's all electronic voting, but back home in Kentucky, the first time I voted, I got to go into an actual booth with an actual curtain and pull levers and cause a piece of paper with holes punched out of it to emerge.
It's entirely possible that I was not supposed to take that picture. But, you know, it was kind of momentous, so I did. ;-)
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