Friday, November 21, 2008


This Is a Purse

The city is full of sad people. Eavesdrop on conversations between men in black and the conversation is always the same: the market sucks, the men have lost wealth, it's important to stay positive, the wife is not happy.

And no one is shopping. You've probably heard by now that luxury goods in high end stores are going straight to the 40% off rack. And it's true! I went into Bloomingdale's out of curiosity and everything was on sale. The staff looked demoralized. I could paw through Jean Paul Gaultier and not look out of place. No one stopped me. It was kind of liberating.

Earlier this week I was in the garment district, shopping with my agent, when I spied what looked like a herd of small stuffed animal dogs in the window of a boutique. "Look!" I pointed. She grabbed my arm and said, "We have to go in there. You don't know what those are, do you?" She had been to some party at Bloomingdales where someone--some mover and shaker--had been carrying a mini-dachshund purse on her arm. That's right. These are handbags.

They are made in America and come with a little kennel, which you can see above. The salesperson came over to talk to me while I was taking photos. He was afraid I'd taken a picture of the price (because his dogs are on sale and, well, I think they aren't supposed to be). He became animated. He showed me how the legs and the tail all move. The dog can sit down. The bottom of one paw has rhinestones. You can take the handle off of the dog and just use it as a toy which you might want to do if you are 8 years old, want a dog, but aren't allowed to have one.

It was strange watching him go through his pitch. I felt like we were pretending to be in another time--one not so long ago in which a really well made sitting-dog-hand-bag-toy would have been a sure fire hit. We were still people who could appreciate a well made luxury item, but we no longer live in that world. It was as though we were museum curators, or aliens visiting the ruin of some destroyed civilization, marveling at what the extinct species had created. It was eerie.

Oh... When I saw the photo and the title I thought it was a new japanese fashion bag and I thought "wow, is cute!", then the post was kind of sad. Reading it was to come back in time where shops were on sale because of going out of business and remind me the anguish I felt.
You thought of me during the previous post? Most of the time is "other country has problems, later Argentina does". I'm waiting frightened to the slap on my face when the crisis will reach here. Btm is quite, most people are not even worried.
I really enjoy reading your blog (even when you're not writing about something funny). I've got as part of my family and friends, two new yorkers, while my brother lives there teaching tango, and my sister lived in NY for a year. So is like to listen to a close person ;)
I know there are lots of people as bright as you on the US, you will work together a solution. Is a time of change so help that this change will be for the best.
Yes, but did your agent buy one? :)
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