Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Norton Anthology

I just learned that Norton is going to include my essay on the Japanese crematorium in an anthology of Creative Nonfiction and I am, of course, incredibly excited.

I had a conversation with my agent a few months ago where she tried to explain to me that publishing means a book or an essay can continue well past the print date--it has a life of its own. The truth is, I never completely believed in this. And certainly I've never tried to write for immortality. I'm too accustomed to no one paying all that much attention to me. But knowing that my essay is going to be reprinted sort of proves my agent's point; an essay or a book can continue on, even after the author has moved on to other things. I'm just sort of stunned that this would happen to me too, though I am, of course, incredibly happy about it, and very grateful.

Alright! That was a great essay (as someone who majored in Anthropology, and studied East Asia, and appreciates good writing, I loved it). And your agent is right - I have and cherish Philip Lopate's Art of the Personal Essay and many essays in it are several/many years old, and they stand up, and they'll be read for many more years. So yay that your piece is on that path.
awesome!!! yay for norton!! i knew they got things right!
Wow, how cool! I bought the issue of agni in which it appeared just for that was really good.
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