Sunday, November 02, 2008


Editing is Not the Only Marathon

My husband introduced me to the wonders of the New York City marathon, which he's run and completed twice. Despite a nagging cold, we made it out for a couple of hours to watch the runners from our favorite viewing point deep in Queens. By the time we got there, the early racers were speeding by.

Then it was on to the elite women, with Paula Radcliffe in the lead, a fact that made us very emotional.

These two friends came to join us in our little patch of sunshine. They were adamant cheerers. The girl was so emotional she was crying and her tears were all over her shirt. I taught them out to say "Gambare!" in Japanese when a young man in a wheelchair with Japanese flag afixed to the back went speeding by. He was startled to see us screaming at him, but waved, and I was so excited, I forgot to take his photo.

Along came the gazelles, the elite men. Toward the back is a man with a yellow shirt and black arm warmers (a trend this year). He is Marilson Gomes de Santos from Brazil and went on to pass the projected winner, who is in front, to win big.

And then came the mortals who, as you can see, are sometimes more amazing than the elites.

There were plenty of Obama runners, statues of liberty and one Marilyn Monroe.

Just what every marathon racer needs: to be greeted by a grunge band pounding out Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

We felt very indulgent just going home, after watching people putting out so much effort. We ate Indian food at an extraordinary new and delicious restaurant (Mehfil--76-05 37th Ave), then proceeded to have a nice long nap. Lazy.

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