Friday, November 21, 2008


Creepy Advertising

I picked up my mail yesterday and got all excited when I saw a hand-addressed envelope. Someone had sent me a letter! Only, there was no return address. When I opened up the envelope, I found this inside: a post it note fixed to a sheet of Newspaper advertising cheap Nissan cars. The post it note was signed "J."

I don't know any "J"s. Any possible J's I know would send me a text or an email. I am not in the market for a car. So who had my address? Why was getting this newspaper clipping? Paranoid person that I can be, I checked my mailbox for white powder. I thought about keeping the newspaper article as "evidence." I've finally just decided to throw it away, but I am still creeped out by the whole thing.

Looks like a clever (and, yes, creepy) way to advertise. Kind of a few steps up (and off to the side) from corporate Christmas cards.

Was there anything printed on the back of the newspaper? Because I'm almost positive the car dealer printed fakes.
There were some stock quotes on the back, but nothing else.

I've seen the post-it-note thing in junk mail before, but it is generally obvious that the "handwriting" is some font from a computer. I think someone actually took the time to hand address my envelope and my post it note. Which is scary.

I mean, it shouldn't be. People I don't know read this blog and presumably have some idea of what I look like. But one expects this from new technology.
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