Friday, October 17, 2008


Scottish Drive

By forcing myself to sleep on the flight from New York to Edinburgh, I've pretty much managed to come up with a system that allows me to get through a 5 day trip while remaining mostly functional. This trip involved a wedding in Aberdeenshire, which meant that the very day we arrived, we drove from Dundee up north. Fortunately, Gordon's brother was up to driving, even though he himself had just undergone a 12 hour nighttime bus ride from London which, quite frankly, sounds more demanding than our flight.

Due to recent changes in my life, I'm much more interested in farming around the world than before. I loved seeing the remainder of harvest on the Scottish landscape.

Scotland is far north enough that the sunsets take a long time. Not as long as Iceland, perhaps, but still long enough to make a 2 hour drive a glorious juorney in amber.

We took a coastal route, which revealed that the farms in many cases snuggle right up to the edge of the island. It's interesting to see how the landscape clearly shows the history of the UK--once most people farmed and very few people owned land and those that did owned big houses. If you spend all your time in a city, you might miss the very recent history of the UK, and how modernization has changed it. In fact, you'd probably miss this if you spent your entire life in a US city as well. But once you go into the country, the past reveals itself. The evidence is still there.

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