Friday, October 10, 2008


Quotes from Farmers

"The only way to prevent Mad Max that I can see is to somehow monetize private debt, and print it away once the fed gov'y has it.

I scoffed at the stimulus check last summer. The sorry thing is that that did more good per dollar spent than all the tricks played sense."

"I have received more calls than usual this year from neighbors who want to fill their freezers with deer, so I have opened up my timberland on farms for them to shoot the deer they need for meat."

"I hear ya . . . , I'm armed and dangerous!
I grew a large garden this year to self sustain my family knowing this melting cauldron was coming.
My very fears is, my seed corn cheques will not be coming until Dec. will I be able to cash those cheques and take out the cash?"

"The repubs had control or the senate, house and white house. Point it, it went down when the repubs were on watch. Surely with them being as smart as they are could have figured the problem out and fixed it right?? How about the next president... is he going to get blamed for the mess we are in now when it gets worse? the past is the past, the future is now and what are we going to do to fix it??? you have a time machine?? Placing the blame in the right place is really not the issue now... its how to fix the problem that matters now. I would also have to say the budget was balanced 8 years ago and now we have double the debt... What is the real problem??? Looks like the rest of america took the governments lead and spent more than then could afford... way to be a leader government..."

"For some reason we just don't get it. I have a great extended family all over this country that have done quite well with the existing structure. My close family has as well. But the corporations seem to have gotten to the point where they can run rip shod over individual rights and if you blame corporatism you get lambasted. So yea we are in a cage fight. Only it is not as civilized as cage fighting it just takes on the appearance as more civilized. They the corporation can destroy you and no one will notice... the sheep just keep on grazing as the wolf grabs one after another."

Am reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver about a year she and her family spent growing their own food; your post about the history of the land that you can see in the Scottish landscape and this post resonate in her introduction:
"When we walked as a nation away from the land, our knowledge of food production fell away from us like dirt in a laundry-soap commercial. Now, it's fair to say, the majority of us don't want to be farmers, see farmers, pay farmers, or hear their complaints. Except as straw-chewing figures in children's books, we don't quite believe in them anymore. When we give it a thought, we mostly consider the food industry to be a thing rather than a person. We obligingly give 85 cents of our every food dollar to that thing, too - the processors, marketers, and transporters. And we complain about the high price of organic meats and vegetables that might send more than three nickels per buck back to the farmers: those actual humans putting seeds in the ground, harvesting, attending livestock births, standing in fields at dawn casting their shadows upon our sustenance."
Yep. Thas about right.
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