Friday, October 03, 2008


iPhones and Debates

It's a New York tradition to gather together with friends to watch presidential (and vice presidential) debates, so I was very happy when a good friend invited us to his apartment to view Biden vs. Palin on his high def wide screen television.

But not long after the debate started, I found myself fidgeting. It wasn't the stress of watching the two candidates, though I felt that too. I've simply grown accustomed to watching debates while checking the blogs to see how officially sanctioned "smart people" are feeling as the drama unfolds on television, and it was strange to be a guest in someone's home and not have my laptop on my lap. I couldn't very well ask to borrow his computer either.

Then I noticed that another guest sitting next to me was quietly tapping through his iPhone. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Reading the blogs," he said.

Aha! See, I caved and bought and iPhone (which I love), and soon I too was sitting there, watching the debates, checking the liberal and conservative bloggers alike to see how my candidate was faring in their estimation.

Was my viewing experience substantively helped by my obsessive blog-reading? Maybe not. But I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one out there clutching my smart phone and trying to get up on just a little bit more information. I suspect that a number of people are now following the election just like this--with all media resources put to use. I am of the iPhone generation at last.

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