Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Aborted

I'm devastated.

The above was going to be my Halloween costume. All I needed was an afro and then maybe some camouflage pants I intended to pick up at the Salvation Army (or I was going to jerry rig my Gap capris). Since I live in Jackson Heights, home of a substantial sub-continent immigrant population, it was going to be easy to get Gordon one of those little white hats. He was nervous about dressing up as Obama, but I explained that pretending to be Obama was not just for black people anymore--I seem to recall a Time Out New York cover with two people dressed up as the satirical Barack and Michelle but numerous searches have resulted in no Jpeg. (And, yes, I realize this might have been offensive for some, but I live in New York and it's Halloween).

Our friends were going as Sarah Palin and John McCain. We were going to pose for a group photo. It was going to be fun.

Now, one of us has a pre-marathon injury, one is sick and one is on some kind of medication. Which leaves just me. With my afro. With no context. Which leaves the entire ensemble sort of meaningless.

Sigh. Back to a Halloween-less adult life it is. There's always next year, but I doubt I'll come up with such a fun ensemble again!

aww. poo. i just never got my act together.
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