Thursday, September 04, 2008


Shallow Post of the Day

I have just blasted through 100 pages of edits and am eating a brownie and feeling like I want to write about something, um, less serious than the wonders of the imagination. I am going to write about shoes.

I'd like to say here that my incredibly smart and cerebral girlfriends--you know who you are--have turned into shoe-Maenads these past few weeks because fall is approaching and even the most sensible of us feel the lure of New Clothes. So, we have resorted to sending each other links and mourning what we will never own but covet desperately . . .

In my case, I have a major, major fashion/girl crush on Chie Mihara, who was born in Brazil to Japanese parents, studied fashion in New York, actually bothered to learn about orthopedics so her designs wouldn't kill a girl's feet and then launched her collection in Spain in 2001. She describes herself as "naive, romantic and vintage." Well, yes. And I would describe myself that way too (although this very well known writer once told me I was edgy--and not in a nice way--so maybe I have to say that I am a naive-edgy-romantic-vintage person. Whatever). See? Chie Mihara understands me.

Let me interrupt myself here and say that painless shoes are important to me because I married someone who has the habit of adding 5 miles to any of our outings, and no, that does not include a cab ride. We are Walkers. This means that I have to Gordon-proof all my shoes. No painful stilleto, or what my friend Debbie would call "champagne and taxi" shoes for me.

It is not easy to get Chie Mihara shoes. For starters, they are expensive--as they should be, since they are handcrafted and carefully designed and made with nice materials and all that. But they don't come cheap. They are also not exactly readily available. I have been pining for the Iliana shoe, for example, but can't find it anywhere except on Mihara's site and there it is already sold out! A shoe marked as new is sold out! That Chie, she's like the iPhone, all cool designed and hard to get.

Ack! She's so cute and witty and colorful! And she's not following any trends. She's just making shoes that are artful and expressive and durable!

Fashionistas went nuts this spring and summer over the shoe above: the Bangkok heel, which, for those who don't know, is in a "Gladiator style." Yeah, well I'm late to the game but I went nuts over this shoe too. Look at it.

Look how it flatters this (much skinnier girl's) feet. Amazing. You could wear this with tights well into the fall and it would still be sexy.

Sadly, the Bankok heel is available just about nowhere right now unless you are a size 11 which I am not . . . except for Ebay. God Bless Ebay. Yes. There I found the Bangkok heels for sale--not for $400--and they fit! And they just arrived! And this means that I am wandering around the apartment, taking a break after 7 hours straight of editing, wearing my incredibly sexy shoes. The rest of me is not deserving of such shoe perfection; I am a disheveled mess and am turning to a brownie to fortify me for the next 7 hours. But, oh! I own the Bangkok heels! I look so much cooler than I really am.

Please, Chie Mihara, tell me how to get my sad little feet in a pair of Iliana shoes!

Updated: Ugh. That brownie was a mistake. Chocolate and excitement are, well, a little too much for me.

I've not been a fan of the gladiator look but those shoes are made of lovely.
I know, I know! But, these are so sexy! And happy! I actually feel like listening to happy music!
I've always been a fan of the selection at Anthropologie, especially these Floridian Skimmers

I've long admired Anthropologie from afar, but somehow never actually buy anything there! I should also point out that they do carry Chie Mihara. Such good taste, they have at Anthropologie!
"naive, romantic, and vintage"

Yes, moonrat. Words--they can be so powerful.
Yes, I have fantasized many times of giving book readings in mixes of vintage and Anthropologie get-ups. Really motivates me to draft, revise, and edit.

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