Friday, September 26, 2008


Music Returns

I've had a lot of difficulty listening to music since my father passed away. I've mentioned before that many of my favorite people tend to be musicians--as are both my parents. Listening to something that makes me feel so emotional has been very difficult to the point that I've mostly eschewed it altogether, or stuck to the occasional non-challenging pop tune.

But the weekend of my father's memorial coincided with the Monterey Jazz Festival, which we were fortunate enough to attend (thank you, friends).

I was excited to hear the Brian Blade Fellowship. I had a choice of listening to Clint Eastwood interviewing Jamie Cullum, or listening to Brian's band and, well, there was just no contest (though we did hear Jamie sing later and enjoyed it enormously--but that's singing and not an interview).

Apparently there wasn't much of a choice for John Patitucci either because we caught him standing on the side of the stage, completely immersed in the groove (he's in the blue jacket).

There were many other musical moments in that weekend, and I have other photos, most of which I am too shy to post. But I will say this; I suddenly can't stop listening to music. Of the two states, I think I prefer this one.

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