Saturday, July 12, 2008


Kaytie Comes to Visit

Last summer, I got into the habit of making pancakes as a way to deal with the influx of ollalieberries. I promised Kaytie I'd make her a batch as soon as she got off of her plane.

They stacked up quite nicely.

Later that day, our resident pyro decided she was feeling well enough to take over fire-building duties. Nothing would suit her but a pile of pinecones to set aflame; their coals, she says, are particularly beautiful.

We enjoyed a nice selection of steak and seasoned chicken.

Kaytie helped me finish off yet one more wine bottle from our bloated stash.

I've been fascinated by the surfers this year. I actually think that under the right conditions (not Monterey), I would take surfing lessons. I have a friend who has offered to teach me. It seems that learning to turn your board around and then hop on top is sort of the key. It looks like fun to me.

Look closely, and you'll see a little figure in the bottom right hand corner waving. Beside her are the remains of our feast.

At home, Kaytie pulled out her ukelele and I couldn't help but try to sing along.

Angus and my mother listened.

Oh! I'm in my pajamas on your blog! :P
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