Sunday, July 06, 2008


How to Make Contacts in Publishing

While cleaning out some bookshelves, I found the following advice in the 1989 edition of Manuscript Submission by Scott Edelstein. (And, yes, that is how long I've wanted to be a writer).
The following people are especially likely to have writing and/or publishing contacts:

Anyone living in or near New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto
Anyone with a good deal of money
Any upper-class or upper-middle-class professional (a doctor, lawyer, middle manager, college teacher or administrator, etc.)
Anyone who is famous or well known in any field . . .

. . . Does where you live have a bearing on the kind and number of useful contacts you're likely to have or make? Of course it does, and so do many other factors. If you are a well-to-do white-color professional living in or near New York, many of the people you know probably have publishing contacts, or are involved in publishing themselves. But if you are a janitor in Billings, Montana, you are of course not going to have as easy a time making helpful contacts.

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