Saturday, July 05, 2008


Putting Out Fires

The fires persist. This updated map shows how, amoeba like, the destruction continues to spread. There are now reports of animals fleeing for safety by the beach. Friends have lost homes. Zen monks are battling fear to save their structures. They say that fear of the fire is a fear of the future. Dude. Isn't battling to save your monastery based on an assumption of what might happen in the future too? All anxiety isn't a bad thing. We have adrenal glands for a reason. Honestly. Sometimes this modern desire to shut off all emotion as some kind of negative distraction strikes me as ridiculous. Really. It's fine to freak out sometimes, as long as you don't hurt anyone. And quite honestly, sometimes you have to fight. That's why those monks learned all those fancy tricks.

Speaking of the right to "let it all hang out," one casualty of the fire is the West Coast Poetry Slam.
"Organizers for the West Coast Poetry Slam scheduled for July 12-13 are trying to assemble back-up plans for the 200 people who were expected to descend on the Henry Miller Library.
"We're looking for alternative locations or we may postpone it," said organizer Renee Infelise, who said she has received e-mails from people who already purchased tickets.

"A lot of poets are coming in," she said.

It's really tempting to offer my back-yard, though it would be a tight fit. I've often had the fantasy of creating some kind of artist's colony here. There is also the Robertson Jeffers Tor House, though.

Finally, in other personal and fire related news, yesterday, while I was off indulging in an hour's break, two helicopters flew overhead, no doubt off to look at the damage, or to be involved in some way. I was reminded that life could be much worse, and that there are always people everywhere who are suffering. The Buddhists were right. We do not escape.

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