Sunday, June 15, 2008


Everything Is Objectified

A jazz musician friend once asked me if the Japanese had a stereotypical image of what an American jazz singer was supposed to look like. I punted on the answer, but the truth is, we are all capable of stereotypes--no matter our ethnicity.

On a somewhat related note, my friend Isao--in between cooking and feeding--has been scrambling to look for Youtube clips of hysterical Japanese comics. My favorite is the following: Japanese Beyonce.

Here she is again. I might even like this one more.

You PC devotees will have fun figuring out how to put this in context.

One more.

we watched all three. the rally monkey says he doesn't get why these are funny. (is it bad that i do?) but he also says he thinks english humor makes even less sense.
These brought a smile to my face! I especially liked the grunger grrl outfit for the last one (black sneakers, low-crotched tight jeans and flannel).
My husband likes the last one best, too, Andrea.
And Moonrat--let's just chalk up your good sense of humour to your cultural sophistication, shall we? ;-)
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